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Time Out March 29, 2006

Posted by June in Blog.

I'm just taking some time out to post some irrelevant things for a change of pace, which is why this will go under my Blog category. 😀 I'm slowly working on my next article, which should come soon.

Kingdom Hearts II is going to come out soon. I'm so excited because it will feature the world of Beauty and the Beast and because Stitch will also be in there. I'm a sucker for the vision of a man named Walt Disney and his successors. Though I must say that, while these Pixar films have been good, they have not done enough to really impress me. I really haven't seen a ground-breaking, wonderful CGI film. I just haven't. And these new ones that so many companies are pumping out are sad cop-outs instead of what could truly be. The Shrek films have been quite funny, despite the obvious, undisguised animosity displayed towards the company with the ears. I do really love Puss 'n Boots. He's adorable. But people could do so much more. Game companies are surpassing them on quality in story and detail and animation.

Hey, I was wondering just how many people are out there who have already begun visiting this blog fairly regularly and who is just currently passing through.
So I would appreciate it if all you anonymous people out there would post a comment to this posting. If you have visited this blog once before, add that to your post and tell me how you found this blog. If you have just discovered it, tell me that and how you came to be here.





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