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God’s Will Revealed? April 13, 2006

Posted by June in Agnosticism, Artist Thinker Articles, Atheism, Christianity, Deism, Other, Philosophy, Religion.

Last time I spoke on the existance of God and left you with a question that, hopefully, provoked some thought in you.

I suppose now you expect me to make the case for the Bible. After all, I have declared myself to be a Christian in any place I can here. But what good would that do? You won't believe it unless you open your heart and search out the truth for yourself.

Yes, I believe in Jesus and the Bible as being the Word of God. Now that I have said that, do you believe it? Or do doubts pop in your head? Maybe right now you are compiling all the lists of things you have searched out to prove the Bible wrong to yourself and are scoffing at the very idea of God giving mankind His Word and sending His Son to die for us. Maybe you will never be convinced that the Bible is anything more than a storybook. Maybe you believe that the Bible has some value but only as a book of philosophy on how to live a good life. Maybe you are one of those Christians who believes that the Bible is accurate in some areas but not in others and deem yourself as the arbiter of what is true and what is not rather than putting that right where it belongs and where assurance of accuracy can only be found, in God's hands.

The fact of the matter is that either the Bible is the Word of God, or It's a pack of lies. You have to choose one way or the other for the Bible and every document that claims to come from God. There is no middle ground. If one part of these books is a lie, then how could you possibly trust any of the rest of it?

So I am here now challenging you to seek the truth for yourself. Search where you have to search. Read some of my articles that I will later post on this subject if you wish. But I would rather you seek the truth for yourself. I have but one request: Keep an open mind about everything. EVERYTHING. This is not a game. If most of these religions are right, your soul is at stake.
What I ask of you though is to challenge, at least, some of what you have believed about the Bible's inaccuracies. Go to some Christian sources. Find their arguments on why those inaccuracies are a myth. Hold their proof up against the proof of the critics. Compare them side by side. Determine which sounds more reliable to you. If you find more questions along the way, again look for the arguments for and against what you have found. Again compare. This is my request. This is my challenge.

One thing I would like to point out, though, is something that you might find to be hard to believe until you look into it. And that is that everything good in this world has come from Christianity. The majority of the major religions in this world have gotten their inspiration from Christianity and the Bible. The Koran was written to mirror the Bible with some major changes and was written hundreds of years after the Bible spread. The Book of the Mormons was written with inspiration from the Bible. The Jehovah's Witnesses have gotten their version of the Bible almost directly from the Bible with some important revisions. I have heard it is said from a Buddhist that Buddha, who lived hundreds of years after Christianity spread, spoke of Jesus, which to me means that he could have derived some of his philosophies from the Bible.

Women's rights (The right to be treated with respect and dignity, not the right to treat your husbands like dog meat. There's a difference.), the Golden Rule, equality for all, etc. have all come from Christianity. Don't believe me? Search it out, or stay tuned.

Well, what about the Crusades? Is that what you are thinking? Well, let me ask you this. Would Jesus have approved? "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Being a Christian doesn't mean you are perfect or superior. It means you have been given the gift of life despite being the sinner that you are who doesn't deserve it. (Besides, the people who participated in the Crusades were professed Catholics. My grandmother is Catholic. My mother is a former Catholic. Some might skewer me for saying this; but it's not the same thing, especially the Catholicism that was practiced back then, which is markedly different from the current Catholicism which, in my opinion, has been softened in order to not lose membership due to the spreading of the Bible in native tongues. It's similar, but so are the Jehovah's Witnesses.)

Some have asked why we are so determined to convince others that Jesus is the way. "Why don't I just leave others alone and just believe what I want to believe without trying to convince others?" is something I have been asked. Well, for one thing, I think that everyone should have the opportunity to know the truth. For another, I don't want people to spend eternity in Hell. Also, if as many people as possible were Christians and did their best to follow what Jesus told us to do, then the world would be a better place. Plus, Jesus charged all Christians to tell the world about the good news. So that is what I am doing. Whether you believe in Jesus or not is entirely up to you. I've done my part.


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1. inaeth - August 15, 2006

One major point: You utilized a logical fallacy in your argument commonly known as the Error of Bifurcation. You gave only two options- that the Bible was the true Word of God, or that it was a pack of lies. In reality, many different options are present, especially when you take into account the Council of Nicea and the election of books that were included into the Bible.

As far as all good things coming from Christianity, I would daresay that you have not actually read the Scriptures in much detail. Most of the good things that we have in the world right now are an after-effect of the Enlightenment and Reneissance. In other words, they are the natural outgrowth of men pursuing Reason and Ethics (Logical, Reasoned morality).

Lastly, it seems that you are speaking to people who have not made up their minds about the Bible, or have made up their minds against the Bible without really considering the evidence. However, in truth, most people that reject the Bible are like me- people who grew up with Christianity, who seriously studied the Bible, and because of this study found that the Doctrine of Inerrancy was false. Look at the life of Farrell Till, who commonly debates the Skeptic’s position on Biblical Accuracy and Errancy. He was a fundamentalist preacher for ten years! When challenged to “dig deeper” into the Bible, what he found appalled him. He resigned his position, his church, and his belief. Now, he is the editor for the Skeptical Review. Just proof positive that when people really investigate the “divine” origins of the Bible, they become Atheists.

2. June - August 16, 2006

Quote: “In reality, many different options are present, especially when you take into account the Council of Nicea and the election of books that were included into the Bible.”

And the inclusion of a wrong book or the exclusion of a right book would not amount to a pack of lies? What could you really trust anymore? Is God so incapable of perserving His own Word and confusing us on something so vital as the truth? The few small mistakes that have slipped by have been discovered and amended such as 1 John 5:7. Is this not God preserving His Word?

Quote: “As far as all good things coming from Christianity, I would daresay that you have not actually read the Scriptures in much detail.”

Look around this site at my breakdowns of Scripture and tell me that again.

Your Ethics and Reasoning from the Renaissance served to produce such things as racism which tainted early Reformation leaders such as Martin Luther, who really should have known that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and literally by blood since each and every one of us descended from two people. It also produced evolution which bolstered claims of superiority and relegated “lesser races” as non-humans and even women as lesser beings. Such human reasoning gave rise to Nazism and Fascism and Marxism, poxes on history that have scarred many and continue to do so. Don’t believe me? Think such people as Che are to be revered? Well, why don’t we ask the hundreds of Cubans who risk life and limb to make it to this evil nation of America with all it’s evil capitalist freedoms? Are they not the direct benefactors of Che’s ideology? And that chaste man of the people Fidel Castro most definitely did not make it on the list of some of the most wealthy leaders in the world.

By the way, you obviously failed to read Part 2 in this series called Does God Exist? — The Philosophical Argument. If you had, you would have seen how I show how our own reasoning of ethics can be tainted and unreliable. You have skipped to the end of the book and consequently are confused about the ending.

Question on Farrell Till: If he was a preacher for TEN YEARS as you have stated, then why did he have to be told to dig deeper into the Bible? Isn’t the nature of a preacher the fact that he has already studied the Bible? What were his sermons like if he didn’t dig deep into the Bible until later? They must have been pathetic flops based on his own assumptions and reasoning.
This all just seems soooo….odd.

3. inaeth - August 16, 2006

Thank you for your response, June.

You’ve raised a good many points right now. Too many to address within the confines of a comments section of a blog. In order to make sure that I address all of your concerns, I will write a rather lengthy post over on my blog to make sure that everything is explained satisfactorily, complete with details.

4. Natalie Rae - August 29, 2006

Hi June! I’ve come across from Inaeth’s site. You seem very passionate, and blessings to you. However, I think (if this is ok – it’s your blog and I don’t want to push my welcome) that your statements that women’s rights come from the bible is incorrect. Christianity, following from Judaism has essentially treated women abhhorently. Contemporaneously things are getting better – but that is the result of wider social changes in women’s rights – which really had very little backing from the major churches. Indeed, many Churches still regulate women to a subordinate position and insist on traditional readings of the Bible that enforce such a stance. On the matter of such readings, I’m intending to post re-interpretation of Gen 2-3 that I wrote earlier this year, I would be interested in your comments.

In conclusion, it must be remembered that Christianity, and the Bible are/were products of their social climate and reflected them as such.
Inaeth points this out in reference to the Nicene convention which decided on the ‘canon’ or what you would call the Bible. The production of the Bible as we now know it took over 300 years and copying, recopying, different editing and input. To point to one conumdrum, the oldest writings in the NT are of course the Pauline writings. However, later writers sought to water down the effects of Paul’s writing through the addition of the pseudo-Pauline writings, such as 1 Timothy – the question is – have do you treat the pseudo-Pauline texts when they are clearly later additions, and clearly written in a reactionary factor. Their inclusion was largely based on their contemporaneous value to social conditions. Anyway,



5. June - August 31, 2006

I will get to this at a later date. I need to do extensive research on this. Plus, I am still arguing with Inaeth. I also think that this would benefit from being turned into a whole article.

6. inaeth - August 31, 2006

Hmm, that’s a good idea!

Would you like to write an article on this subject with a Left/Right connotation? I mean, both of us agree that we are not likely to change our opinions on this topic, but the research that is going into the discussion is valuable. I think it would be educational for readers to know ~why~ you believe what you believe, in the context of a rigorously defended framework, as well as ~why~ I believe what I believe in the same scope.

Not to mention that I think it is important to show others that while you may have a difference in opinion, people of disparate backgrounds and mindsets can still be civil, even friendly, with each other. I get tired of the personal attacks and name-calling that goes on in issues like this.

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