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The New Racism May 3, 2006

Posted by June in Artist Thinker Articles, Philosophy, Politics, Racism.

I was going to do a piece on illegal immigration; but in light of Mr. Steele's column that I have posted here and that was featured on Rush, I am going to focus on something that has bothered me for some time. Racism.

We all know about white racism. It's been portrayed a thousand times in so many ways from books to movies to political speeches; but do we really recognize the new racism that has built itself on the remnants of the old? Do we see the discrimination? Do we see the hate?

No, I'm not talking about Neo-Nazis. I'm talking about the modern racism of minorities against white people. I'm talking about the fact that a white cop is branded as racist if he stops one too many blacks, while a black cop can do what he wants with whites. I'm talking about Hispanics who are deemed the victims of whites when they are the ones breaking the law. I'm talking about hate crime legislation, which consistently applies exclusively to crimes committed by white people against minorities creating the assumption that the murder of a minority by a white is somehow more wrong than the murder of a white by a minority. I'm talking about affirmative action that discriminates against whites and even Chinese, who are in no way a majority. I'm talking about the fact that whites were blamed for what happened to New Orleans even though whites suffered as well and even though whites from all across the country pitched in to help.

It's there. That racism is there; but we are unwilling to see it. We need to recognize it and deal with it.
When are we going to stop blaming the sons for the sins of the father? A majority of blacks proclaim themselves to be Christians, and a majority of Hispanics claim to be Catholic.

So why do we ignore such verses as:
1. Ezekiel 18:10-20
". . . 20 The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son. The righteousness of the righteous man will be credited to him, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against him."

2. Matthew 6:14-15
"14 For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."

3. Luke 17:3-4
"3 So watch yourselves. "If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him. If he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times comes back to you and says, 'I repent,' forgive him." "

It's annoying to be harrassed, sure. It seems that recently people have started branding us. This past winter my brother was ordered out of a movie theater by a police officer, who, by the way, was black, while he and I were saving seats for the rest of our party. The officer searched my brother's backpack and belt, which was a WWII pocket belt from an army surplus store, then confiscated the belt despite finding absolutely nothing of harm in it. What was my brother's crime? He was a slightly dark looking male with an army belt on. Boys walk around decked out in this stuff all the time; but my brother has been told that he cannot. Why? Well, likely because he looks a little Arab maybe? He's not; but he sort of looks like it to some people, I guess. To some he looks Hispanic, to others Arab, still others Chinese, and others even white… *shrug* It comes with the territory of mixed kids, I guess. People will see the pieces of you that they want to see.

By the way, I am certain that this white family sitting only a few seats away were the ones who alerted the officer and asked him to search my brother. I had noticed them staring at my brother and whispering when he walked in a little ahead of me. Plus, I noticed the same officer talking to them after he searched my brother. The worst part is that he was treated like a criminal with his belongings confiscated for no reason and did not even receive an apology. This wasn't the first time my brother has been searched; and I doubt it will be the last… The time before that a white manager had searched him.

This is all very annoying and embarrassing, as well as a violation of my brother's 4th Amendment rights; but does that mean we should blame all blacks and all whites for this? No! There are so many wonderful black and white people out there. Although there might be certain characteristics of a group of people, each person should be judged according to who that person is, not what he is.

Besides, in the end, minorities will be the ones who suffer the most. Affirmative action will get you into college; but it won't challenge you. It won't expand your abilities. It won't help you finish college.
This mindset of entitlements has done nothing to uplift the minority. You get your welfare check in the mail, sure; but you stay in your hole of poverty. You don't rise any higher. Your children don't rise any higher. Some even drop lower than you by committing crimes because the child believes he is entitled to the belongings of others who seem to be more fortunate than him.
In all of this, the minority remains bitter and hostile. It doesn't matter how much is given to him. It's never enough. So he loses out on one of the most important things in life: happiness. He barters it away for a welfare check, for moral indignation and superiority, for entitlements.

So I ask you how long we are going to ignore this? How long are we going to allow a race of people to be discriminated against?



1. Jonathan Gardner - May 3, 2006

I’m sorry your brother got searched, but you are absolutely right. We must forgive each other.

I noticed that there is at least one common factor among successful people. They don’t hold a grudge, and they don’t let others get to them. If your brother took this in stride and dealt with it as kindly as you have, I am sure there are great things in your future.

As for racism against whites, speaking as a “whitey cracker”, it really doesn’t bother me. People disciminate against me because I am a man, a father, a husband, a conservative, a member of the LDS church, or well-to-do, or happy.

If someone has a negative image of me without knowing me because of who I am, well, they’re only doing themselves a disservice, because their entire world is colored with their prejudgments. I’m going to do my best to shatter their expectations, and perhaps that will help them repent.

2. June - May 4, 2006

LDS, huh?
My grandfather was a Mormon. He didn’t really practice it; but he did hold firm to it nearly his whole life. That part of the family has a long and deep history in the Latter-Day Saints church. My great aunt traced the familial lineage quite a ways back.

I said that my grandfather held firm nearly his whole life because very near the end of it during his battle with lung cancer after years of smoking, while my family was living in China, he finally converted to Christianity after a woman who neither my Catholic grandmother nor my grandfather had ever seen came up to them in a post office and witnessed to him. This woman knew everything about him, his full name, the fact that he was battling cancer, and the fact that his family had been praying for his soul; but my grandparents knew nothing about her and never saw her again.

I have no reason to doubt my grandmother’s account because my grandfather converted to Christianity, not Catholicism. My grandmother has been ticked for some time that all of her daughters converted away from the Catholic church.

I loved my grandfather. He was a wonderful man. He was a white man, very white, blond-haired green-eyed white; yet he had no prejudice. He married my grandmother, a Peruvian, during a time when interracial marriage was illegal in the US (They married in Peru.); and he showed no outward signs of favoring his whiter grandchildren over us. After he died, we inherited his wallet. Inside he had photos of all of his grandchildren. Trust me when I say that there was a whole host of colors in there.
I only regret that I did not have even more time to spend with him; but we were always moving around with my father’s job. But I will see him again. I know I will.

3. virgil - May 16, 2006

same thing: Samuel Huntington – The Clash Of Civilisations 😀
I’ve lived in the states and I got to meet all kinds of people, and I saw… well, something I could call hidden discriminations in both whites and minorities. Although you’re basically right saying that minorities are less subtle about showing this. And I think it happens everywhere large minorities exist. The state has to be tolerant to them (while not giving them what they ask, and taht’s also because sometimes what they ask is unreasonable), while the minorities, being minorities and knowing they can’t harm anything by being aggressive, the can afford to do that. They know they are being tolerated and so they take advantage of that – it’s the problem of the ‘small’ taking advantage of the ‘big’ – I don’t think it’s really a problem, after all, they’re small and can’t inflict any real damage. They know this and so… there you go. Like kids ‘attacking’ adults and adults ‘fighting back’. No harm done.

4. June - May 16, 2006

This may be a surprise to know; but whites in the North are more racist than whites in the South. If you really think about it, it’s not that surprising. Most blacks and Hispanics live down here and have lived down here for years. The kids who grew up down here know them as their neighbors, classmates, friends. When blacks went up north around the 1910’s, there were riots in the streets.
Interracial couples are viewed as aliens up there, while down here they are rather common.

There is a subtle racism that has more to do with comfort. If you are with one black person, it’s fine; but if you are the only white person in a room of black people.., you tend to shrink back.
There is another kind of subtle racism where both sides have opinions about each other but don’t say anything and just try to get along.
Then there’s the racism exhibited by one too many minorities, outright racism, only it’s portrayed as a fight for civil rights.

This is not just a small problem. This is a huge problem that encourages people to be in the mindset of victimization, which tells them that everyone else owes them something, which causes a heavy burden on welfare, which raises taxes on working Americans, which raises prices on goods. This entitlement mentality also, as I have said, encourages crime because minorities think these rich white people are holding them down and that they are entitled to their things.
It creates a society of “ME ME ME ME ME” where people take but don’t give. It creates self-centeredness. It creates unhappiness. It hurts unbiased white people. It hurts minorities.

It’s also not a small problem because minorities are vast in numbers and continue to grow by having kid after kid. That means huge numbers of kids trained to believe that the world owes them something just because they are minorities.

It’s also hurting us mixed kids. We are an unusual breed. We don’t really belong anywhere. We are torn between these factions. We love all sides of what we are composed of. We are sitting on this fence that keeps getting higher and more dangerous.

5. Annoymous - July 21, 2006

well..what if we ask where the twisted mentalities came from? from education, people, the environment….if the government intervened more in making ppl know more about other ppl,maybe there will be less disputes? and similarly, if either one of us who feel discontented about this racism thing, why not offer help to those who are being harassed, that they can see they are not being completely ostracised by society? if we all do one small action of kindness, the world wuld be a better place …just my two cents worth…

6. June - July 22, 2006

Government is limited in its capabilities on changing hearts and minds. It would greatly help if we didn’t have politicians running around catering to this mentality, sucking up to the minority voter and keeping them voluntarily in another form of slavery that tells them that they are stupid and must rely on government to survive by confirming this false reality; and it would greatly help if schools didn’t constantly victimize minorities and demonize white people; but past direct involvement of government has resulted in violence and resentment.

Just imagine what would happen if government tried to do what you suggest? It would be chaos. People would be running around shouting racism against white people and declaring minorities who agree to be sellouts.
It’s happened to Bill Crosby; but with him not being a politician, he can take the hits and not pay as greatly for it.

What we need is for minorities to realize what this hate has done to them. We need communities and churches and schools to start showing them what this has done to them, how this has placed them on a second plantation, the plantation of socialism, and how this has done nothing to make their lives happier or more worthwhile and how it has ripped them of their own self-esteem.

What is affirmative action if not a declaration that blacks and Hispanics are too stupid to compete on a level playing field with everyone else? This gives the racists out there the ability to put down the accomplishments of minorities by saying that they only got there because someone else helped them get there. It even calls their accomplishments into question in even the non-racist minds.

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