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Will Write Another Article Soon May 29, 2006

Posted by June in Blog, Misc..

Well, the main issue of that small crisis has been dealt with nearly completely; but I've been a bit out of it lately.

That new comment on my Water: Widows of India article has rejuvenated me a bit, though. So I will try to ride this bit of a mood swing enough to allow me to write a new article, this time on illegal immigration (though I have been fired up to write one on women and the Bible. I just might go in that direction instead… Who knows?). 



1. virgil - May 30, 2006

sh## man, cheer up! go read my answer, and leave the states 😀 asap, as you’re still young and sane… hehe, or do something… I don’t know…. the states seem to be a place of action, if you know preciselly what you want to do and put all your energy into it, then you have a chance, a good chance. animation is well paid, but you have to be good, and smart, and you are smart, so next: be a good animator, good enough anyway, and make a living off of it, now that’s for example a scenario… (don’t let yourself depressed by philosophy or you’re gonna end in the sewers… hehehe, snap out of it. be aware, but keep your sanity, take advange of what you have, like your brains for example!)
there’s lots of competition in the states, but then the world is huuuuuuge, you could animate somewhere else (come to romania for example 😀 ). also, if you can animate well, you could work aaaaaanywhere, and just look at the bunch of crappy animation there is, and try to see why it’s crappy.. because that’s easier and less intimidating than seing why good animation is so good. And in time you’ll get to know. You know? 🙂 If you could only know WHAT to animate you’re already ahead of most. just like acting – the best actors are that good not only because they’re cute and talented, but because they’re smart, because they can create something out of the ordinary. can you? anyway, snap out of that depression and put your butt to work 😀

2. June - May 30, 2006

Thanks for your concern; but, like I said on your blog, that’s not it. I love the States. It’s home.
It’s something else. It’s not philosophy either that’s getting me down.

I’m feeling gloomy about something that I won’t talk about.

Thanks for the advice about animation.

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