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Michelle Malkin.com
One of my favorite writers, Michelle Malkin has authored such books as In Defense of Internment.

Rush Limbaugh.com
The website of my favorite radio talkshow host.

The American Thinker
The inspiration for my site's name and, apparently, a place where you can submit your own articles.


Blogs for Bush

A parody blog where Liberal Larry takes on the menace of Bush and fundamentalist Christians, who must be to blame for everything in the world.

GOP Bloggers

The Fourth Rail (Bill Roggio)
ThreatsWatch.Org (Bill Roggio)

The Political Teen

News Sites


Opinion Journal

Christian Sites

Answers in Genesis
A great site that looks at the Bible in a scientific manner. Highly recommended.

Crosswalk Bible Referencing
This is a great site for looking up Bible verses.

Christian Headlines
Christian Headlines News Sites
RSS fed sites where you can read headlines from Christian news sites and subscribe.

Art Sites

ArtRage (for a tablet PC)
Sketchbook Pro (for a tablet PC)
Two programs for tablet PC's that allow you to paint with your laptop as if you were using real paint, pencils, etc.

Plastic Animation Paper 

Animation Mentor

CGCharacter Animation: Ask the Pro! 

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